Dr. Vikas Singh: Empowering the Next Generation of Indian Professionals

Dr. Vikas Singh's mission is to equip young graduates with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to excel in today's fast-paced and competitive job market.

Dr. Vikas Singh is a renowned educator, mentor, and visionary leader dedicated to inspiring and empowering young Indian graduates as they embark on their professional journeys. As the Founder Vice Chancellor at Geeta University, Dr. Singh combines his passion for innovation and academic excellence to create a supportive environment where students can thrive and achieve their career goals.

With nearly three decades of experience in higher education, Dr. Singh understands the anxieties and challenges faced by young graduates in today's competitive job market. He offers valuable insights on trending topics, such as job search tips, resume writing, interview preparation, and networking strategies, helping students navigate their career paths with confidence.

Dr. Singh's dedication to student success has earned him numerous awards, including "Vice Chancellor with Outstanding Contribution towards Student Employability and Career Development" and "Iconic Leader in Higher Education."

As an entrepreneurship evangelist and a leading authority on the National Education Policy, Dr. Singh has a unique perspective on the skills and qualities needed for success in the Indian job market. He emphasizes the importance of personal branding, skills development, and professional certifications, equipping students with the tools they need to stand out in their chosen fields.

Dr. Singh's best-selling book, "Paper to Screen - The Future of Education," has garnered international acclaim and been translated into Persian language, further cementing his reputation as a thought leader in the realm of education and career development. His empathetic, engaging, and motivational speaking style resonates with students, making him a sought-after speaker at prestigious higher education events across India and worldwide.

By sharing his wealth of knowledge and personal experiences, Dr. Singh offers practical advice, actionable insights, and inspiring stories that alleviate the anxiety of young graduates and help them make informed decisions about their careers and futures. Let Dr. Vikas Singh be your trusted guide in the exciting, yet challenging journey from graduation to professional success.

In his upcoming book, Dr. Singh combines his wealth of experience with his unwavering passion for student success to create a powerful guide for young graduates at the crossroads of their professional lives. With empathy, understanding, and a fresh perspective, Dr. Singh aims to alleviate their anxiety and equip them with the tools they need to make confident, informed decisions about their careers and futures.



Mr. Satnam Singh Sandhu

(Founder Chancellor at Chandigarh University, Chief Patron, NID Foundation, Founder, Chandigarh Welfare Trust)

Dr.Vikas has worked with us and I have seen the kind of talent he has in team building & leadership. He has over two decades of proven track record in education sector. He brings academic excellence in the associated institutions through his experience & expertise.

T.R Vankatesh

(Vice Chancellor at Amity University Patna)

Thorough professional with very good capacity to handle large accounts. Does come up with new and useful ideas. He will succeed wherever he goes. Wish him all the best.

Ankush Verma

(Student, School of Commerce and Management, Geeta University)

Our Esteemed VC Sir, Dr. Vikas Singh is not just a visionary leader but an inspiration for all of us. Under his leadership and role as a Founder Vice Chancellor, our Geeta University has been growing tremendously. His attractive aura, personality, hard work, and relentless leadership have transformed our institution. His persistence, unwavering support, and guidance are blessing us as students, nurturing our dreams, and transforming us into confident individuals. We are getting so many opportunities to excel and grow in our careers as a student, under his leadership.

Mohit Maurya

(Motion Graphic Designer)

In mentorship of Dr. Vikas Sir, I always got a vision to think big he always use to say Mohit ji you have spark, and some time he use to share some personal moments to motivate me and finally I think upto this moment of life i have all the success & happiness which i want and behind this success Vikas Sir is always an inspiration for me. Thankyou so much sir keep blessings.

Dr. Ashish Verma

(Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad, India)

I first met Prof Vikas Sir, when I joined ITS Ghaziabad in 2001 and it has been an absolute pleasure knowing him ever since. He is a brilliant academic, a hands on administrator and a peoples person, someone who I have great regard for. Over the years he has contributed to academia in many roles and in the process has influenced and shaped the careers of many students. His recent contribution towards leading students learning effectively in the online mode is a case in point. Continue the great work in the education domain Sir, warm regards, Ashish.


(Deputy Director (Academics) at Amity Education Group)

Dr. Vikas Sir is a pleasure to work with and an excellent mentor in all walks of life. He has immense knowledge of all that runs in the education field with his fingers on the pulse of the sector. With his ease of work mentality and precise focus, he is an asset to any organisation.

Dr. Nameesh Miglani

(Mentor to Professional Institutions for Quality Improvement (NBA, TEQIP, NAAC, ABET & ICAR))

Dr.Vikas ji has got a great leadership qualities..managing at adverse conditions that also in a polite manner always smiling. His Aura is great, people attract to him and get relaxed around him. Good wishes for his future

Dr. Sunita Shukla

(Professor - Management, Director - Admissions & Marketing, ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida)

Dr. Vikas Singh is known for his great leadership ability. His motivational and team building skills are excellent. It was a great pleasure to work under his supervision and guidance.

Dr. J.Gupta

(Director (Company Affairs & Public Relations) at Source key Media)

Dr. Vikas Singh is an asset to the company with all the essential qualities of an excellent engineer and manager.

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My History


He has over twenty six years of experience; published two books; two cases; thirty research papers; and guided several doctoral research works.

Dr. Singh is a member of the Academic Council and a member of the Syllabus Development Committee of several universities.

Dr. Singh has conducted series of MDPs & FDPs.


Top 50 Distinguished Educators in Higher Education Across India.

Life Time Achievement Award for Education Excellence.

Best Academician – Director in Punjab.

Best Research Paper Award – International Conference by GHS – IMR.

Best Research Paper Award.

Best Case Award – ICMC 2005.

Iconic Leader In Higher Education.

Excellence and Innovation in Engineering Education – BW Education Top Education Brand Award.


Indian Economy: Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill – Aiming North Heading South.

FDI in Education Sector in India.

Viral Marketing: A Tool For Spreading Your Ideas.

Indian Economy: Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill – Aiming North Heading South.

Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times.

E-Recruitment: A New and Effective Way of Talent Hiring.

Amity Global HRM Review

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