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I Always Achieve Whatever I Desire...

People often say to me that I am so lucky!!

Seneca said 2000 years ago in Rome; that Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.    I continually work on my personal development and learning new things to keep me prepared for forthcoming opportunities, whenever they come.

Things will get better only if you get better !!

Dr. Vikas Singh

About Me

He is a distinguished India Top 50 Higher Education Expert and has a deep understanding of current issues and future directions in higher education. He has authored the book “Paper to Screen – The Future of Education”.


He has proven academic and administrative leadership in higher education and is experienced in the establishment and growth of multi-discipline universities.

He is a distinguished India Top 50 Higher Education Expert and has a deep understanding of current issues and future directions in higher education.

He has authored the book “Paper to Screen – The Future of Education”.

He lays strong emphasis on academic excellence; strategic academic planning; policy development; budgeting; cost efficiencies; academic personnel administration; and effective student learning outcomes in higher education settings.


His expertise is in accreditation, innovative teaching-learning methodologies, outcome-based education, curricula development, industry integration, project-based peer learning, design thinking, and future skills, skill gap identification, tying up with international institutions, etc.

He is an institution builder and management thinker who likes to spread technical and skill education to make Indian youth not only employable but also job-provider. He is president of the Institution’s Innovation Council which is supported by MHRD Innovation Cell and is involved in nurturing entrepreneurship among students. Under his leadership, ITS Engineering College in Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovations Achievement (ARIIA) 2020 was categorized as a “Band A” institution and was ranked among Top 25 institutions across India.


To develop new learning techniques.

To improve teaching processes.

To expand the information technology capacity.

To strengthen the industry interaction network.

To facilitate technocrats so that they realize & achieve their potential.

To inculcate team spirit among the learners.

  • He has over twenty six years of experience; published two books; two cases; thirty research papers; and guided several doctoral research works.
  • Dr. Singh is a member of the Academic Council and a member of the Syllabus Development Committee of several universities.
  • Dr. Singh has conducted series of MDPs & FDPs. 
  • Top 50 Distinguished Educators in Higher Education Across India.
  • Life Time Achievement Award for Education Excellence.
  • Best Academician – Director in Punjab.
  • Best Research Paper Award – International Conference by GHS – IMR.
  • Best Research Paper Award.
  • Best Case Award – ICMC 2005.
  • Iconic Leader In Higher Education.
  • Excellence and Innovation in Engineering Education – BW Education Top Education Brand Award.
  • Indian Economy: Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill – Aiming North Heading South.
  • FDI in Education Sector in India.
  • Viral Marketing: A Tool For Spreading Your Ideas.
  • Indian Economy: Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill – Aiming North Heading South.
  • Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times.
  • E-Recruitment: A New and Effective Way of Talent Hiring.

My publications

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Dr. Vikas Singh
Executive Director at ITS - The Education Group | Author | TEDx Speaker | Higher Education Expert



Tips For Teacher, Student & Parents During Coronavirus Times


  • Singh, Vikas & Kumar, Ashish. (2014) Carnation Auto – Is Franchising Right Model for Growth?. Presented at the Global Summit on Management Cases organized by Indian Institute of Management Raipur in association with ET Cases on December 12-13, 2014 at IIM Raipur
  • Singh, Vikas & Kumar, Ashish. (2005) Revival of the White Elephant. Presented in International Conference on Management Cases, ICMC 2005 organized by Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad and George Mason University, Virginia, USA at IMT, Ghaziabad, on December 19 – 21, 2005. The case was adjudged as the best case in the Conference.

Papers Published in Refereed (Peer Reviewed) Journals

Amity Global HRM Review

Singh, Vikas. et al. (2015) Employee engagement – Role of demographic variables and personality. Amity Global HRM Review. 5 (Sept). p. 65 – 73. ISSN: 2250-060X

IMR Management Speak

Singh, Vikas & Sandhu, Deepindra. (2014) FDI in education sector in India. IMR Management Speak. 7 (1). p. 62 – 68. ISSN: 2231-1467

Tecnia Journal of Management Studies

Singh, Vikas. et al. (2013) Relationship between emotional intelligence and employee engagement: a study of leading printing press in NCR. Tecnia Journal of Management Studies. 8 (1). p. 42 – 49. ISSN: 0975-7104

International Journal of Indian Management & Strategy

Singh, Vikas. et al. (2014) Relationship between employee engagement and big five personality factors: a study of online B2C e-commerce company. International Journal of Indian Management & Strategy. 19 (3). p. 26 – 34. ISSN: 0973-9335

Optimization – Journal of Research in Management

Singh, Vikas. et al. (2013) Promotion through TV commercials: Creative advertising vs. celebrity endorsement. Optimization – Journal of Research in Management. 6 (2). p. 49 – 59. ISSN: 0974-0988

IMR Management Speak

Singh, Vikas & Maurya, Anuradha. (2012) Supply Chain Management: Making Medium Sized Enterprises Adoptive and Responsive. IMR Management Speak. 5 (2). p. 38 – 46. ISSN: 2231-1467

Papers Published in Other Publications

  • Singh, Vikas. (2001) Supply Chain Management: Route to Achieve Sustainable Global Competitiveness. Souvenir of 14th Annual Convention of Ghaziabad Management Association. p. 46 – 49
  • Singh, Vikas. et al. (2014) Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times. Souvenir of 25th Annual Convention of Ghaziabad Management Association. p. 73 – 76
  • Singh, Vikas. (1999) The Reactive Role of Production/Operations Management. ITS News. 2 (1). p. 11 – 11


India is a young country of 1.35 billion plus people with median age of 28 years. India is fifth largest economy of the world and also the fifth fastest growing economy of the world.

Next five decades are going to be golden years for India and this is going to bring amazing opportunities to young people in India.

India will be a powerhouse of young talented and skilled people and will be the largest exporter of workforce to the whole globe. Today, 58 people of Indian origin are CEOs and heading large multi national companies in US and Europe starting with Google, Microsoft, Deloitte etc. This number is going to jump many many fold in the coming years.

I see my contribution towards this new India as a person who is striving to make these young kids skilled and industry-ready; and to motivate them to take the road of entrepreneurship which is not easy but extremely rewarding !!

How Can I Help You ?

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