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Articles & Publications

S.No. Title/Topic Name of the Journal Single/Joint Publication Month - Year of Publication Authors Conference Volume, No., Page(s) ISBN/ISSN
1 Benchmarking: The Emerging Scenario Pranjana Single 1/1/1998 Vikas Singh -- 1, 1, 125-132 --
2 The Reactive Role of Production/Operations ITS News Single Jul-99 Vikas Singh -- 2,1,11 --
3 Supply Chain Management: Route To Achieve Sustainable Global Competitiveness Convention Proceeding Single Dec-01 Vikas Singh 14th Annual Convention of Ghaziabad Management association 1,14,46-49 --
4 Improving Plant-Level Performance in Job-Shop Environment Through Knowledge management Compendium Joint Dec-05 Vikas Singh, Ashish Kumar & Sheetal Khanka 14th ISME International Conference on "Mechanical Engineering in Knowledge Age" by Delhi College of Engineering -- --
5 Extent of Application of BPO in India Academic Pranjana Joint Dec-05 Vikas Singh & Suresh Kr. Garg -- 8,2,82-91 0971-9997
6 Revival of the White Elephant Cases in Management Joint Dec-05 Ashish Kumar & Vikas Singh International Conference on management cases (ICMC2005) by IMT Ghaziabad & George Mason University, Virginia, USA 79-93 --
7 Need to Study Supply Chain practices Followed in Small & Medium Enterprises in India Compendium Joint Jan-08 Vikas Singh & Abhishek Kuma Central India Management Conclave on "Winning Strategies for Small & Medium Enterprises" by CIBMRD and National Academy of Defence Production 206-212 --
8 Supply Chain management in Small & Medium Enterprises: An Overview Compendium Joint Nov-09 Vikas Singh & Sanjeev Jain National Seminar on "Supply Chain Management in SMEs: Gaining Competitive Advantage" by I.T.S. Institute of Management, Greater Noida 1-10 978-81-89547-70-7
9 Globalizationa and Transnationalization of Higher Education Compendium Joint Jun-12 Vikas Singh & Nidhi Malik 2nd National Conference on "Excellence in Higher Education" by Department of Management , IIT, Delh -- --
10 Information Technology: Key Driver in Supply Chain Management of Mid-Sized Enterprises for Gaining Competitive Advantage Compendium Joint Dec-12 Anuradha Maurya, Dharmesh Niranjan, Vikas Singh & S. K. Garg 6th International Conference on Business Challenges on "Emerging Management and IT Practices" by IME, Ghaziabad 269-278 978-93-82563-56-3
11 Supply Chain Management: Making Medium Sized Enterprises Adoptive and Responsive IMR - Management Speak Joint Dec-12 Vikas Singh & Anuradha Maurya -- 5, 2, 38-46 2231-1467
12 Indian Economy: Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill - Aiming North Heading South Compendium Joint Oct -01 Dhruv Sharma & Vikas Singh National Seminar On India Rising : Where are we in the Trajectory 254-271 987-81-928461-0-1
11 Viral Marketing: A Tool For Spreading Your Ideas Compendium Joint Dec-13 Anuradha Maurya , Pankaj Kumar & Vikas Singh National Seminar On Redefine, Reimagine, Reinvent: Roadmap for New Age Marketing 267-280 978-81-928461-1-8
14 Digital Marketing: The Future For Marketers Compendium Joint Dec-13 Parul Aggarwal , Naheed Praveen & Vikas Singh National Seminar On Redefine, Reimagine, Reinvent: Roadmap for New Age Marketing 332-347 978-81-928461-1-8
15 E-Recruitment: A New and Effective Way of Talent Hiring Journal of Human and Work Management Joint December 2015 Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Singh, Dr. Sunita Shukla, Farhat Mohsin Volume 3 pp 1 - 10 ISSN: 2320-8384
16 Employee Engagement – Role of Demographic Variables and Personality Amity Global HRM Review September 2015 Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Singh, Dr. Sunita Shukla, Dr. Bhawana Adhikari Volume 5 (September), pp 65 - 73 ISSN: 2250-060X